You will be transferred by bus to the Taba Border. The journey takes about an 3 hours drive. We will start from Eilat and drive along the Arava Valley toward the Dead Sea. It is the deepest point on earth with more than 400 meter below sea level. We will enjoy the marvelous experience of floating (not swimming) in its unique water, which contains an unusual amount of healthy minerals. Also we can shop and explore the Dead Sea’s natural beauty products such as salts, mud, lotions and facial masks. Then we will ascend to the Holy City, Jerusalem. On the way to Jerusalem we will see Qumran Site (where the Dead Sea scrolls were found), the Judean Valley and Jericho where we can see some nomadic Bedouin tribes along the road through Judean Desert. Reaching Jerusalem, we start with having a panoramic view from the Mount of Olives. It is a good place for an introduction to the city and its history. We will drive to the city of Bethlehem, where we will visit the Church of Nativity, which is the central pilgrimage destination for all Christians for Jesus Christ was born there. In Bethlehem we will shop at the souvenir shops and enjoy a Middle Eastern meal with free drink. Then we will head back to Jerusalem to see the Wailing Wall, which represents the last remnants of the Jewish Temple, and continue through the “Way of Suffering”, “Via Del Arosa” which leads us to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where according to Christian tradition Jesus was crucified and buried.