Vetratoria is our official partner for windsurfing as well as one of the most highly regarded windsurfing centers around Egypt. They are based on the coast of The Lagoon – one of the main windsurfing spots in Dahab. Providing the latest equipment from RRD and offer both equipment rental and lessons. Lessons are provided in the following languages: English, French, Deutsch, Italian and Russian.

Why Windsurf in Dahab?

  • Dahab has about 300 days of wind a year (Below is the wind forecast and strength for the area), suitable for beginners to advanced windsurfers.
  • Warm water all year it is one of the best windsurfing spots worldwide and definitely the best in the region, there are
  • 4 areas to windsurf in Dahab, escalating in difficulty and varying in characteristics (whether you want to freestyle wave or slalom).


The first area “The Lagoona” is a safe place to start for beginners. The second one is called “Speedy” with strong winds but no waves this is where the freestylers reside in a spot aptly dubbed baby bay. The third and final spots are for the advanced windsurfers, with big waves and strong winds the conditions are perfect. One in The Lagoona “Kamikaze” and the other in the Lighthouse right infront of our cafe. we’re only 10 meters away from the beach and it’s home to the world class windsurfers,


Need some more convincing? Watch our friends Davy Scheffers and Yegor Popretinskiy training and showing you more of Dahab in this incredible video they made:

Wind in Assalah, Dahab. Courtesy of the sensors

Group/Individual Windsurfing courses (Equipment rent + Instructor fee)
CourseTheoryPracticeOwn ridingInsurance of equipment $Price (group)(per person) $Price (Individual) $
A130 min1h1h30 minIncluded7085
A230 min2hNoIncluded8095
A330 min2hAs you wishIncluded90110
3 days beginner courseIncluded2h/dayAs you wishIncluded200240
7 Day course30min/day1h/dayAs you wish20350420
Payable in USD, EUR OR EGP


EquipmentBeginner $Advanced $Professional (Carbon: Slalom, Freestyle, Waves) $
Rental timeRentInsurance*RentInsurance*Rental timeRentInsurance**
1 hour15530101 hour3530
3 hours25550153 hours5530
1 day401075201 day8030
2 days6510135252 days14040
3 days9015170253 days18045
4 days11020195254 days21050
6 days13530240356 days26055
7 days14530260407 days28060
8 days17035275408 days29060
9 days18540295409 days31060
10 days190403054510 days32570
12 days240403664512 days36670
2 weeks25040385502 weeks40080
3 weeks30050530603 weeks56090
4 weeks40050660704 weeks660100
Payable in USD,EUR or EGP
*Insurance – Voluntary and non-refundable payment. Insurance covers possible cost of equipment repair. Insurance does NOT cover the loss of equipment and the fin damage – Please be careful near the shore and reefs
**For Carbon equipment (Slalom, Freestyle, Wave) Insurance is obligatory.                                                                                                                                                  Rent of one equipment set for two people  20% increase to the price. Rent price for sail or board only is 30% off the price of set. Board storage in Lighthouse or Lagoona 6$/day 30$/week. Rent wetsuit or harness 5$/day and 25$/week