“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Are the things around you helping you towards success – or are they holding you back?” – W.Clement Stone

In order to perform your best we have a number of living opportunities for your time in Dahab, wether yours looking for a short stay or a home-like feel for long term. Live around like minded individuals to keep you sane whilst we keep you productive.


The newly built Lighthouse Camp rooms are just behind the MOJO Cafe itself, so you will not have to walk far to your work space every morning. Situated in the center of Lighthouse, you can benefit from the many shops, restaurants and, of course, the sea less than 50 meters away. Each room is equipped with comfy, fresh bed and/or beds (dependent on single or twin rooms), ensuite, amenities (such as clothing storage and table space) as well as a private balcony.