Explore the depths of your own ability, conquer your fears, hone your mind and lungs.

Dahab is paradise for freediving whether you’re a beginner or a professional the water conditions,weather and our decorated instructors will surely leave you satisfied. The Blue Hole is one of the many reasons why some of the best freedivers from across the world have come or have moved to Dahab, it’s 120 meters deep at its deepest and many records have been set here.

Free Diving Aida CoursesRental Price
1 DayIntro Aida* Star70 EuroFree Dive equipment
4 DaysFreediving Aida** Star230 EuroSuit & Weight Belt &Weights & Mask & Snorkel & Fins10 Euro
5 DaysAdvanced Aida*** Star250 EuroWetSuit10 Euro
2 WeeksTraining including Acommodation350 EuroLong Fins/Plastic4 Euro
The price includes equipment & accomodationMask & Snorkel2 Euro
Payable in USD, EUR OR EGPWeights & Weight Belt2 Euro