Explore the depths of the sea and experience the sea wild life the Dahab red sea has to offer.scuba diving dahab coral reef

The wildlife in Dahab is so  diverse that you’re almost guaranteed to see a new kind of creature every time you go for a dive, with the vibrant coral reefs of the red sea it is not a spot to be missed. We collaborate with the best scuba diving center this side of the red sea to give you the best scuba diving  equipment, instructors, prices, experience and your utmost safety.

Diving Courses
215 €PADI Scuba Diver2 Days
205 €PADI Open Water Referal Course2 Days
315 €PADI Open Water Course3-4 Days
155 €PADI Adventure Course3 Adventure dives
225 €PADI Advanced OWD Course2 Days
295 €PADI Rescue Course3 Days
105 €PADI (E.F.R) Emergency First Respone Course1 Day theory
100 €PADI (E.A.N) NITROX Course1 Day theory
650 €PADI Dive Master Course3-4 Weeks
ALL COURSE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE MANUALS                                                                      ALL COURSES MUST INCLUDE MANUALS (PADI INS. Manual GS & P/PG 17)                        PRICES PAYABLE IN USD, EUR OR EGP
Diving Offers
Weight, Tank, Guide and transfer to the dive siteFull equipment, transfer to the dive siteDiving OfferDays
32 €42 €Single Dive1 DiveDiving Safaris (Supplement)
55 €65 €2 Dives1 Day45 €Abu GallumBy Camel, Lunch, Mineral water and Bedouin Tea
156 €186 €6 Dives3 Days45 €Gabr ElbintBy Boat, Lunch, Mineral water, Cola ,Tea and Coffee
230 €280 €10 Dives5 Days75 €Ras MohammedBy Car, Breakfast, Lunch and Hot Drinks
320 €390 €15 Dives7 Days75 €Thistlegorm & R.MBy Boat, Breakfast, Lunch and Drinks
380 €480 €20 Dives10 DaysPayable in USD, EUR or EGP
45 €Intro Dive1 Dive
45 €Bubble Maker1 Dive
85 €Discover Scuba Diver2 Dives
35 €45 €Refresher Dive1 Dive
45 €Adventure Dive1 Dive
30 €40 €Night Dive1 Dive
Prices payable in USD, EUR or EGP