As well as your work space needs, we also cater to your hungry stomach and love of proper coffee! At MOJO we pride ourselves on our homely, deliciously cooked meals. Located in the lighthouse area of Dahab 20 meters from the sea, MOJO has all the advantages of having a sea view without the disadvantages of seafront estates.

The Cafe

We have 2 air conditioned floors, the cafe downstairs and our work lounge situated upstairs. Walking into MOJO, you can chill out on ground floor on surfboard bars and stools or catch Dahab´s unforgettable sun and sea breeze from our outside tables.


The Kitchen

The MOJO kitchen is situated on the first floor, where we lovingly prepare our sensational food and drinks. From homemade wrap-breads filled with fresh meats, cheeses, pestos or salads and hot pressed into delicious mouth-watering lunches to Croques or our famous “presswiches”; we can assure you will be enticed by many options on our menu.

Our drinks menu is just as elaborate as the food, variety is not short at the cafe! MOJO serve everything from freshly blended juices with juicy Egyptian mangoes to coconut milk coffees, naughty snickers milkshakes and detox juices. Please take a look at our menu to explore more.

We pride ourselves on our standard of cleanliness, that you will be hard-pushed to find elsewhere in Dahab.

The CoWorking Lounge

Taking the stairs to the second floor is where we have our dedicated CoWorking lounge. Fully air conditioned, paired with the fastest internet in Dahab, comfy sofas and large tables, the lounge is the space you need to get your work done. We have 3 large desks surrounded by comfortable sofas and chairs enough to fit 10 comfortably. It’s also where our resident dogs Phoebe & Shaka like to lounge.

This is a generally quiet space where you will not be disturbed unless you want to. Many people take up one of our CoWorking packages for 5 days to a month to reserve their spaces in the lounge. The perfect office away from home.

The entire cafe menu is available in the upstairs lounge, wether you require regular coffee top ups or would like to eat whilst you work.