What Is MOJO?

A place for a bit of everything, for your “co needs”. MOJO is a place in which you are able to work, live (just around the corner in our MOJO Apartments), and find your next adventure (see Co Sport). All three, or just one. We are strong advocates for tailoring your lifestyle abroad to your needs, wether that means a scuba dive or windsurf session before a days work at our CoWorking Lounge or ensuring your rental apartment is close to your working space.

Founded by Patrick Schwarz and Ashraf Allam in March 2018 as a response to Patrick’s personal need for fast internet and a space to work online in Dahab, Sinai. By luck, the two met as Ashraf already owned MOJO whilst Patrick wanted a working space and somewhere to keep his windsurfing equipment for him and his dogs. So, the solution? Create the ideal German standard cafe and co working space, whilst incorporating a love for thrilling adventures both above and below the water.

And so it began… MOJO CoWork Cafe. A booming success amongst foreigners and locals alike. For their morning coffee and work space needs to German standard foods and advice on windsurfing. Some foreigners even returning to Dahab eagerly, knowing their office overlooking the Red Sea awaits.

Don't Just Listen To Us

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