Dahab is a Bedouin town on the coast of the Red Sea, it was originally called “Waqat Zahab” -but later misinterpreted by various travelers to Dahab- by the indigenous Bedouins which means “Time Goes”, because time does go here, many a people planned a two week vacation and found themselves staying for two years, it has that peace and beauty about it that calms your soul and quiets your mind; which takes us to why us? MOJO CoWork Cafe tries to capture that essence of tranquility and transfer it into productivity, we’ll offer you the fastest WiFi you can get in Egypt, an air conditioned space which you WILL need, a comfortable place to work equipped for your every convenience including plugs at every turn, a printer, 2 dedicated working spaces with monitors, 3 hot desks, a printer, various computer accessories, a projector (and a projection screen obviously), food, drink , accommodation, various excursions for your free time or if you want to take a vacation from work inside your vacation, we can even arrange water sports training or equipment rental.
Our cafe, outside seating area, bar and coworking space
Concentrated on work
More happy customers
Our windsurfing boards and downstairs view
A beach in Assalah; one of the 5 major areas of Dahab
The break of morning

A small oasis on the sea

Palm tree bundles infront of the mountain
The Dahab Promenade